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Conservative Dentistry

What is Conservative Dentistry?

Dr. Regala believes in Conservative Dentistry and aims to save and preserve in the patient's mouth diseased or damaged tooth, either by decay, wear or trauma. It comprises therefore those treatments that try to avoid the extraction of the tooth and the subsequent placement of an implant.


Sealing (filling)

It is carried out to restore the part of a tooth that has been damaged by the existence of a cavity. Once this has been removed, the anatomy of the tooth is reconstructed.


Crown on Tooth

In those cases where a cavity has affected much of the tooth structure, a crown that rehabilitates the functionality of the natural tooth is placed.



This is a reconstruction that takes place when it is difficult to access the affected part of the tooth. Therefore, part of the work is done in the laboratory.



It involves removal of the injured pulp of a tooth and subsequent sealing of the duct. It is customary to be performed by the existence of a deep cavity that has not been treated in time.



The most common treatment to prevent bruxism is a bite splint the patient is put to sleep. This prevents tightening or grit teeth, causing wear and pain.


Internal Bleaching

It is done so localized whitening a non - vital tooth is discolored. To do this , it is necessary that the tooth has been previously endodonciada.